Pitch Count Rule

UpdatedThursday April 29, 2021 byESMLL.

These rules apply to baseball only.  There are no softball pitch counts. Minor/Majors Divisions


All game stats must be submitted to Anthony Fiordalisi at Afiordalisi@gmail.com 

Each coach must submit  the game stats within 24 hours after the game is completed. 

Pitch counts will be posted on  the Pitch Counts Results Tab for all to see.  

Opposing Coaches should agree at the end of each inning the pitch count and score of the game. 

Pitch count rules are to protect young pitchers arms and are the coaches responsiblity to follow them! 

Prior to a game starting competing team's will know who is eligible to pitch on the opposing team.   Posted pitch counts on this website are final.  Any difference should be taken up prior to game time.

Example of Game Stats Email:

Game Date 5/03/19 Minors Divison Crosscutter 5 Cyclones 4


Crosscutter: Ryan H. 45. John t. 30

Cycolnes: Bill B. 50, ALex C. 10


2019 Pitching Rules:

Pitch Counts:

0-20  0 days rest

21-35 1 day rest

36-50 2 days rest

51-65 3 days rest

66-over 4 days rest

Maximum pitches for

Minor-8 50, Minors 75, Majors 85

If pitcher reaches his Maximum  pitches in the middle of a batter, he can finish that batter,  then must be removed from the game.

Ex:  Pitcher pitches 52 pitches on Monday,  He is not allowed to pitch for 3 days, thats Tues-1, Weds-2, Thurs-3,  He would be eligible to pitch on Friday.

Pitcher to catcher ban: any pitcher who delivers 41 or more pitches in a game may not go behind the plate to play catcher for the remainder of the day.

For full details of rules please review your Official Little League Rule Book